National Youth Placement Corp-IRTF partners with state and federal leaders to bring about major reforms to the juvenile justice, child welfare and children’s mental health systems. Our research-based program help by providing measurable, sustainable results at a lower cost. We achieve cost savings by diverting youth from permanent out-of-home placements, offering intensive residential treatment as an alternative and working toward family reunification when possible. Our ongoing outcome evaluation studies have demonstrated that 82 percent of youth are successful up to two years after discharge from the program.

Corporate Office: 125 Hwy 138 Riverdale GA 30274

• A residential therapeutic treatment facility providing 5:1 staff ratio, with specifically trained staff.
• Onsite accredited school with curriculum modified according to the educational needs of each child.
• Related therapies -- speech, language, vocational, recreational -- are provided.

The center offers:
• Immediate access. Emergency and flexible admission of youth between ages 13 to 18.
• Help for youth with intensive needs. NYPC-IRTF is designed to help young people who suffer from the most challenging behaviors such as: Suicidal and self-harming behaviors; aggressive behaviors that are the result of severe emotional problems; chronic runaway behaviors with high risk behaviors; sexual behavior problems; and behavioral issues with co-occurring medical problems.
• Support to families in making changes that will ensure long-term success for the youth and family at home. When possible, children will be returned home quickly with intensive in-home services.